Equality in decision making, prerequisite to building resilience

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Cancellation of the International Gender Conference

As auxiliary to the public authorities, the National Society of the Haitian Red Cross has been supporting vulnerable communities, for eighty-four (84) years, strengthening them before, during and after disasters or crises and making them more resilient to future shocks. The Haitian Red Cross’ mission aims at protecting people’s lives and dignity. It also participates in the implementation of programs and different projects tending to the real and sustainable development of communities. Addressing gender inequality and weaknesses of services in disaster preparedness through an international gender conference also responded to fulfill the Red Cross’ mandate.

However, considering the extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and the level of the humanitarian emergency of the affected areas, the Haitian Red Cross with the support of its partners including the Ministry for Women Conditions and Rights (MCFDF), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the American Red Cross in Haiti regrets to announce the cancellation of the Gender Conference scheduled on December 5, 6.7, and 8, 2016 at the hotel Karibe Convention Center under the theme: "equality in decision making, prerequisite to building resilience."

The consequences of this natural disaster require an absolute priority considering the high amount of losses. Over 800,000 people are about to face food insecurity while the cholera outbreaks have spark and generate considerable concern. The cancellation of the international gender conference should facilitate a better and greater involvement of the various teams of the Red Cross Movement in the current emergency operations to respond to the needs of the affected communities.

Indeed, the National Society of the Haitian Red Cross has been mobilizing efforts for over a month to reach victims and families of Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to its deployment capacities, the Haitian Red Cross and its partners including the American Red Cross have distributed, since the beginning of the operations, thousands of non-food kits, cholera kits, kitchen and emergency shelter kits to the affected populations. 

The Haitian Red Cross and the American Red Cross continue to mobilize in order to meet the humanitarian needs of the affected areas not only during the emergency period, but also in the medium and long term to recover and strengthen the capacities of Haitians. They take the opportunity to express their support and solidarity with all the families and the victims’ families.

The Haitian Red Cross and its partners thank the general public and speakers who have confirmed their participation and the Press for their understanding.